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I want to thank you for the excellent tour we received. It was so much more
than we expected, very educational and will always be in our memory. I am
attaching this email from Basil who was so kind to give us your name. We
will return and whenever we can send our friends your way!

Lance and Chase Stone
Lance and Chase Stone, U.S.A.
We did not expect to have a guide so knowlegeable in archaeology. R. was so caring too. I can't see how he can inprove. He was perfec. He can gauge how you are feeling. Change the itenerary was no problem for him.
Caroline Beswick, Stanford, CA
This is to express our appreciation of the excellent tour we just had with Ecoturismo around the Yucatan, led by Dr Bruce Love.
It was a first-class experience that greatly exceeded our expectations. In particular, we appreciated Bruce giving us a sympathetic understanding of today's Mayan people. This helped us greatly in making sense of the behaviors and achievements of their ancestors.

We valued Bruce's obvious liking and respect for the people of the Yucatan.
From the archeological perspective, we appreciated his academic clarity: he made sure that we understood what was fact and what was speculation. This is pretty essential when dealing with artifacts over 1000 years old.

Finally, the organization was first class. We never had to wait in line, and the whole operation proceeded like
clockwork (with necessary adjustments to our own human frailties!). This was due to the 100% commitment of Saul and David.
Thanks again, let us know when you plan the next expedition.

Jeremy and Yvonne Thomas, Minneapolis, USA
It was an excellent trip -- covered a great deal of territory and information -- the guide was truly outstanding, the weather perfect. We were particularly impressed by (the guideís) extensive knowledge of the Maya sites and personal connections with the archaeologists ... The organization was really excellent.
Lillian S., USA
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Ecoturismo Yucatán se complace en introducirlo a la antigua tierra de los Mayas.

Nuestros guías expertos multiligues interpretan la historia, arquitectura, cultura y ecología de los Mayas para usted. Durante nuestros tours vera la amistad de la antigua cultura con la cultura y ecología del presente.

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